A Bit About Me

Agnes Kiss

Online fitness coach and personal trainer

A Bit About Me

Agnes Kiss

Online fitness coach and personal trainer

Fitness enthusiast since I was born. But  my real fitness journey started a few years ago when I joined the gym. First I remember I had no idea what to do, so I joined the classes which I loved. However, they were not giving me the results I wanted. So I went on to the “boys” zone and since that I never looked back.  
Now I am helping women to reach their fitness goals and to become the best version of themselves. 




My Goal

Lifestyle | Nutrition | Training

My goal is to introduce you to a healthy lifestyle and get you moving.  I want to help you achieve the dream MINDSET which will help you to benefit for long term success. The fitness industry is saturated with online coaches, training programmes and e-books all promising to get you the ‘perfect’ body in as little as 6 weeks. My online coaching programme is not a ‘quick fix’. My online coaching is focused on creating a healthy relationship with food, understanding the key principles of training and nutrition, implementing daily habits and sustainable lifestyle changes and learning to love yourself first!

Plans and Prices

Training plan 

£55 / 4 weeks

Personalised  workout plan tailored to your goals. Different workout each day of the week with cardio split. 

You can log your exercises, reps & sets with a weight logging feature to track every exercise. Exercises comes with a video demonstration so you always know what you are doing-even if you are a beginner.

Workout and Diet plan 

£99 / 4 weeks 


Full training and cardio split tailored to your goals. 

Personalised meal plan or macro plan. 

Weekly check ins. 

Daily support-24/7.

Lifestyle adjustments.

Regular change of your programme.


Diet plan 

£75 / 4 weeks


Personalised meal plan tailored to your goals which is adjusted when needed.

Macronutrient friend recipes.

Educational information about nutrition.

Guide on how to track calories.

Tips on structuring meals.